Monday, November 25, 2013

Foxes at the Gramercy Theatre

Three recording artists are presently using the name Foxes. Foxes can refer to an Australian heavy metal band, a British synth pop band that features a female singer, and a British synth pop singer. At present, all three acts are little-known, so confusion is inevitable. There is also a British indie band called the Foxes; never mind other bands with similar names like Fleet Foxes and For the Foxes. The British synth-pop singer was the one that performed at the Gramercy Theatre tonight – I think.  Twenty-four-year-old Foxes, born Louisa Rose Allen, is a London-based singer and songwriter who released a remixed Warriors EP on October 27. Her debut album, entitled Glorious, will be released in March 2014.

At the Gramercy Theatre, Foxes was accompanied by two musicians far across the stage from her and from each other. Although the focus was on her, the two musicians were more than side players. The synthesizer player provided all the melodies and layers of sounds, and the drummer offered a full and steady beat. Nonetheless, Foxes poured herself on each song, showcasing an impressive vocal range with clear enunciation – how about that, a rock concert where one can actually hear the lyrics! Once an open mic singer-songwriter, the former troubadour has completely embraced electronica. Starting with the Eurythmics in the 1980s, there has been no shortage of sultry women singers fronting a wall of synth-pop; Foxes is entering a crowded field, so only a hit single could help her stand out from the crowd. By the way, Foxes, a 45-minute set with no encore is a cheat.

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