Saturday, October 5, 2013

The TarantinosNYC at Otto's Shrunken Head

The TarantinosNYC are not to be confused with the Tarantinos, a British seven-piece band that operates from a similar premise, playing music that either was or should have been in director Quentin Tarantino’s movies. The TarantinosNYC is a local quartet that formed in 2005 and frequently performs at Unsteady Freddy’s Surf Shindig at Otto’s Shrunken Head on the first Saturday of each month. The TarantinosNYC recorded a CD, 2009’s Super Sounds of the Cinema. The band is comprised of Tricia on bass, Paul Tarantino on guitar, Brian Tarantino on keys and rhythm guitar, and Joey Tarantino on drums.

At Otto’s tonight, The TarantinosNYC cross-faded 60's-70's surf, spy and spaghetti western music with original instrumentals. They gracefully moved, for instance, from an original composition, “Fistful of Reverb,” to cinema’s “Fistful of Dollars.” With no lyrics to be heard, the overall sound was powered by echoing guitar leads. One might expect then that most of the set would have sounded all too similar, but Paul Tarantino played enough of a variety of styles to keep the show interesting and the audience grooving. Plus, answer a movie quiz question and you take home the yellow lei that hung from the microphone stand. More than a novelty band, the TarantinosNYC is a cleverly-conceived music event – a soundtrack to a night at the movies without sorting through the film’s plot intrigues.

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