Friday, September 6, 2013

The Crüxshadows at Irving Plaza

Rogue shined light orbs from his palms into the audience.
The gothic/darkwave Crüxshadows formed in 1992 in Tallahassee, Florida. A decade later, the band had a few dance hits on the American dance charts. Lead vocalist and songwriter Rogue is the last remaining original member of the band. The band presently features Jen Jawidzik on synthesizers, Mike Perez on guitar, JoHanna Moresco and David Russell Wood on violin, Jessica Lackey on percussion, and two dancers, Stacia Marian Hamilton and Ally Knight. The Crüxshadows’ most recent album is 2012’s As the Dark against My Halo.
Event promoter Vampire Freaks opened its three-night Triton Festival at the Gramercy Theatre tonight, to be followed by two nights at Irving Plaza. Five or six gothic, industrial or similar underground music acts from around the world were booked for each night. The Crüxshadows headlined tonight’s show. Ironically, the Crüxshadows performed a set of music may have been too upbeat to be considered gothic. Although much of the audience sported gothic, punk, fetish or other alternative looks, the Crüxshadows looked and sounded much like a 1980s new romantic band. The Euro-dance-inspired songs featured male vocals, electric violin, guitar and synthesizers, and were more filled with pop bounce than dark mystery. The three men dressed in black, the five women in black and white striped outfits, and altogether they staged an elaborately choreographed stage show. The weak point was Rogue’s unrefined vocals.

The Triton Festival continues tomorrow night with the Birthday Massacre headlining and on Saturday with Combichrist as the top draw. Meanwhile, visit the Crüxshadows at