Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Parachute at Irving Plaza

Will Anderson of Parachute
Parachute is a pop band whose members met at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. Originally named Sparky's Flaw, around graduation time in 2008 the band changed its name to Parachute. The band has recorded three albums, the latest of which, Overnight, was released today, although the lead single, "Hearts Go Crazy," was released on iTunes on February 26. The new album features a new electronic direction to the band's sound. Parachute presently consists of Will Anderson  on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Nate McFarland on guitar, Kit French on saxophone and keyboards, Alex Hargrave on bass and Johnny Stubblefield on drums.

Parachute began its concert tour tonight at Irving Plaza, and showed how well polished a band can be after a few rehearsals. Everything was exceptionally smooth. Anderson had the right look for the young women who made up the bulk of the audience, and he was in excellent voice. Each energetic song built on its dynamics. This is perhaps where Parachute stopped being a rock band and became a pop band. Every part of every anthem was immaculately polished, often designed to build to a singalong crescendo (the fans supplied resounding back-up vocals) and ended begging for applause. This was not quite a teen band, but it was too slick for genuine rockers. Listen for this band to turn up wherever mainstream radio-ready music is heard, including prime-time dramas, late night variety shows and commercials.