Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Politics at Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, New Politics is a dance pop band presently comprised of lead vocalist David Boyd, guitarist Søren Hansen and drummer Louis Vecchio. Upon signing a record deal in 2009, the band members relocated to a loft apartment in Brooklyn, New York. The band has released two albums, New Politics in 2010 and A Bad Girl in Harlem in 2013. Actually, the band calls the new release an album, but clocking in at a mere 33 minutes I would call it an EP.

I have a pet peeve about bands that bring to every live song some programmed sounds that could have been played live if they had just added one more musician to the group. Come on, New Politics, take a small cut in the earnings and hire someone to play that music live. Okay, that out of the way, New Politics performed an impressive set opening for the Neighbourhood at Webster Hall’s Grand Ballroom tonight. The band energetically bulldozed through power pop songs with mega-sing-along choruses. Boyd in particular caught the attention of the audience with flips, headstands and break dancing. The spirited trio did not offer anything new musically, sounded very much like 1990s pre-indie radio fare, but they performed slickly and with a determination to get the audience involved. I prefer music with a grainier edge, but the Saturday night crowd wanted fun, danceable rock music, and New Politics delivered it with color and excitement.