Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Technicolors at the Mercury Lounge

The Technicolors formed in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2010 with vocalist/guitarist Brennan Smiley, lead guitarist Mikey Fanizza, bassist Michael Nicolette and drummer Kevin Prociw. (The band currently features a touring keyboardist as well.) The band has released two albums; last year’s Listener features the present core band lineup.

First impression at the Technicolors performance at the Mercury Lounge tonight: yet another band of skinny guys in moppy hair and tight jeans playing standard fast-and-frenzied garage-band indie rock behind an angst-emoting singer. Second impression: by the second or third song, hey, these guys are far more proficient players than the typical indie musician. Third impression: this is an outstanding young rock band experimenting within the indie framework to move creatively beyond the limits of the genre. The Technicolors generally played a familiar rock sound, but on many of the later songs in the set let loose with brief but sophisticated musical journeys. The band has far more depth than many indie bands that are primarily a backup band for a singer/songwriter front person. The Technicolors are worth a listen.