Sunday, June 23, 2013

3beanstew at the Wayland

On its website, 3beanstew is described as an experimental rock/funk band based in Brooklyn, New York. The unit is led by vocalist/keyboardist Kwame Brandt-Pierce and features guitarist Seth Johnson, bassist Ed Goldson and drummer Ramsey Jones. The quartet released a 1998 album, The Untold Chronicles of Tin Man Charlie and performs a monthly gig at the Wayland in Manhattan and WMC in Brooklyn.

At the Wayland tonight, 3beanstew demonstrated an ambitious and eclectic blend of innovative sounds. One moment the band plays hard funk rock like Parliament/Funkadelic, complete with Eddie Hazel-like lead guitar work. Moments later, the band becomes a jazz funk band. Brandt-Pierce’s vocals sometimes recall Stevie Wonder, while other times it is intensely harsh. Maybe all this switchover is what makes the music experimental, but overall it is interesting, engaging and worth a listen. The band returns to the Wayland on July 23.