Thursday, January 24, 2013

Olly Murs at Irving Plaza

Good golly, Olly! I happened to walk past Irving Plaza about 2:30 p.m. and saw more than 50 people already on line for tonight's Olly Murs concert there. The temperature had just crawled out of the teens, and so perhaps 10 of these music fans scattered throughout the line were wrapped in blankets. First I wondered how they did it, then I wondered why they did it. Who is Olly Murs?
The four young women shown under the blanket below were eager to tell me that Oliver Stanley Murs is a 28-year-old English singer-songwriter and reality television personality. Murs was the runner-up in The X Factor in 2009, he recorded two albums that have sold five million copies worldwide and he published his autobiography last October. I would have listened to them tell me more, but the wind chill factor was getting to me and I thought I had better get home quickly and get under my own blankets.