Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Ukuladies at the Rodeo Bar and Grill

The Rodeo Bar and Grill on the corner of Third Avenue and E. 27th St. claims to be New York’s oldest honky tonk. Honky tonk is not a clearly defined kind of venue or music, but you know it when you are submerged in it – and having a grand time of it.

The Ukuladies may have widened further the meaning of honky tonk women when the touring quartet from Regina, Canada, played the Rodeo tonight. Equal parts cowboy love songs, cabaret and comedy act, memorable songs included the clever “I’m Getting Gay Married in June” and “A..hole in an SUV,” all sung with Andrews Sisters harmony and many involving visual aids, props or audience participation. I took a dozen photographs and in each frame the array of compact music instruments changed, including banjo, fiddle, spoons, flute, toy concertina, washboard, and, of course, various ukuleles. The largest instrument probably was a musical saw. A honky tonk good time was had by all.